1. Romantic Rose from sarajessica of Cross Me Not.
  2. Coccinelle from kaligrilles.
  3. Mistletoe from sarajessica of Cross Me Not.
  4. Cherries from Happy Threads.
  5. Modern monograms from Brodyzen Creations.
  6. Hot dogs! by Cachounette.
  7. Quaker Motif for Surface Stitches from Mary Corbet of Needle ‘n’ Thread.
  8. Christmas tree from Les chroniques de Frimousse.
  9. Kitty on the Wall by Happy Threads.
  10. Automne by Les grilles de Liselotte.
  11. Coeur monochrome from Cachounette.
  12. Vintage cardinal from doe-c-doe.

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  1. ancaaa says:

    nr1 este foarte frumos

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